Frankfurt, Germany

Sparkling lights, Christmas trees, chocolate pretzels, hetctic crowd of warm people, hot wine, white breaths,

red cheeks, woollen hats, laud conversations, beer in the tall glasses

heart cakes saying “Ich Liebe Dich”

homeless man sitting on his bag next to the tiny, moving polar express made of matchboxes, little girl in a pretty coat watching it with a sparkles in her eyes

Her pretty coat father hustling her

Let’s go let’s go

Chocolate in the shape of a Christmas ball, chocolate in the shape of a Santa.

mummy can we buy this

(…) Christmas is typically the largest economic stimulus for many nations around the world as sales increase dramatically in almost all retail areas (…)

excuse me


wie viel kostet das

sich verpissen

I’m not sure what Christmas is about, but I think it’s a kind of feeling.
A bit like, you are five years old and you are wearing a beautiful coat your parents brought. You see the small shiny polar express made from the matchboxes, a big old man with a grey beard and his dirty dog sleeping right next to him. You just stand there for the infinite amount of time watching the polar express going round and round like it was the first thing you ever saw. You can’t explain why you look at homeless old man’s express and not the fancy electric one in the shop next doors, but it is just how Christmas feels.

(…) these holiday sales reflected about 19.2 percent of the retail industries total sales that year and (…)

Ich liebe dich